Barn Restoration Project

(3rd February, 2017)

Barn Restoration Project  | read this item

This year Prescott Farm received a challenge grant from The Samuel P. Pardoe Foundation for the purpose of preserving our 1882 barn. With funds from that grant, the stone foundation and timber frame of Prescott Farm’s 1882 barn has been undergoing major restoration since April. Meanwhile, we are actively seeking the support of the Lakes Region Community to provide the funding needed to complete an expansion of the usable space within the barn.

Our summer and school vacation camps are teeming with children and often at capacity and covered space is always in high demand. We’re excited that this project could more than double the usable space in the barn, allowing us to make more camp and school field trip opportunities available to Lakes Region children!

If you are interested in supporting this effort, please contact Jude Hamel, Prescott Farm’s Executive Director at [email protected] or make a donation online now HERE.


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