For Schools


Prescott Farm welcomes school groups to the Farm for field trips. We can work with you to develop a program that fits in with your curriculum.

On-site Programming

Pre-K Programs:

  • “Turkey Quest”
  • “Seasonal Discovery Walk”
  • “Seasonal Hayride”

For program pricing and descriptions download our Pre-K – 8 School Programs brochure below!

K-8 Programs & Quests:

  • “Going Buggy!”
  • “Birds of a Feather”
  • “Farm Ecology”
  • “Seasonal Discovery Walks”
  • “NH Mammals”
  • “Pond Probe”
  • “Log Rollers”
  • “Maple Sugar Madness”
  • “Nature Artists”

Each hour and a half program includes demonstrations, walking through the woods or fields, inquiry, hands-on learning and questing. The programs typically include a half-mile (round trip) hike with a small hill. Please have students dress appropriately for the outdoors with warm boots and outerwear. All ages are welcome and the program can be adapted to the age and grade level of the students.

Quests: a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

  • “Fisher Quest (Grades 2-5)”
  • “Water Cycle Quest (Grades 3-6)”
  • “Insect Quest (Grades K-2)”
  • “Spider Quest (Grades K-2)”
  • “Amphibian Quest (Grades 1-5)”
  • “Turkey Quest (Grades K-1)”
  • “Wild Orienteering Quest (Grades 4-8)”

These programs challenge students to complete learning activities and put clues together as they travel among learning stations in search of a final prize. Some of these programs may be adapted to be done on-site at your school – please call and ask!

Off-Site Programming (In Classroom)

We can also come to your school! Our Educators can visit your school or child care center to offer outdoor learning on your site. Programs can range from a one hour visit to a long-term Naturalist in Residence program.

Our current list of programs:

  • “Quests”
  • “Turtle Tales”
  • “In Our Own Backyard”
  • “NH Mammals”
  • “Wildlife Tracking”

Programs are not limited to those listed above. We can work with you to design a program that meets your needs. Call us for more details at (603) 366-5695.

For program pricing and descriptions download our School brochure now!