Public Programs (for adults, families and homeschoolers): March-June

Spring is here, and we have a variety of programs for all to enjoy! Bring your family and friends to the Farm and enjoy this season to it’s fullest!  New this spring is our Herbal Pathfinder Series, taught by herbalist Melissa Morrison, as well as a programs on cultivating edible mushrooms and amphibians.  Back by popular demand, we are offering WildQuest Spring Camp, Spring Polliwogs programs, and Moonlit Walks. Please keep in mind that reservations are required for all our programs and can be made online or by giving us a call at 603-366-5695.

View our Spring Programs (April-June) flyer HERE.

Friday, April 8; 6:00-7:30
$10 ($8 Members)
Every spring, on the first warm rainy night of the year, a mysterious ritual takes place: many species of amphibians (including spotted salamanders and wood frogs) emerge from the forest and migrate en masse to vernal pools to lay their eggs. Join us to learn more about this intriguing phenomenon and how you can help salamanders and frogs reach their destination when the Big Night arrives! All ages welcome.  *Edited 3/21/16 – The Big Night came very early this year – significant amphibian migrations were noted the week of March 14.  So while we had originally planned this program to be a PRE-Big Night walk & talk, now it will be a POST-Big Night walk & talk.  The good news is that we have a good chance of seeing frog and salamander egg masses in the vernal pools!

March 26* AND April 22; 7:00-8:30
$10 ($8 Members)

Our environmental educators will guide you on a moonlit walk and encourage you to use your senses to explore Prescott Farm in a different and special way. You will learn to identify several constellations in the night sky, discuss the habits of several nocturnal animals, and practice your own night vision abilities. Please wear boots and dress appropriately for the weather.  All ages welcome.  *Was originally scheduled for 6:00-7:30.

Saturday, May 21; 10:00-12:00
$20 ($16 Members)

Growing your own shiitake or oyster mushrooms is easier than you might imagine! In this workshop you will learn the basics on growing edible mushrooms on hardwood logs, help us inoculate logs for Prescott Farm and keep one to take home!

THE HERBAL PATHFINDER SERIES:  Exploring the Natural World of Herbs
$35 ($33 Members) per class; $180 for the six-class series
Foray into the wild and tame world of herbs!  Led by Melissa Morrison, M.H. of Dragonfly Botanicals, students will learn how to identify herb medicine plants of the fields & forest, how to harvest and then use the herbs in preparations for pleasure and medicine.  Come to learn, come to enjoy the seasons and play with the herbs!

Saturday, May 14; 10:00-12:30
May is about beginnings! The herbs are poking up through the earth for discovery, giving us their wisdom for healing and food.  We will learn how to identify herb and woodland plants then move into the classroom to make teas, tissanes, and decoctions for healing and health.

Saturday, June 18; 10:00-12:30
June continues our explorations and plant identification in the gardens and forest. We will begin learning about plants’ properties for food and medicine.  In the classroom, students will learn how to make herbal oils, ointments, and natural bug repellents…perfect as we are in the midst of bug season!

Saturday, July 16; 10:00-12:30
July’s herb workshop brings us into the first harvesting of herbs!  In this workshop students will learn harvesting, drying, and other preservation techniques to keep your herbs for later use. In the classroom students will learn how to create Herbal vinegars & honey to preserve their summer herb harvest.

Saturday, August 20; 10:00-12:30
August’s herb workshop brings more harvest fun!  We will identify, gather, and harvest more herbs.  In class students will learn how to make a proper herb tinctures and oxymels for health and healing. Depending upon what we harvest we may also touch on herb and fruit wine making/cordials.

Saturday, September 10; 10:00-12:30
September’s herb workshop brings us cooler temperatures and with that we will scout for forage “food”.  We will learn about how trees can provide food, medicine, & many other survival necessities to get you through lean times too.

Saturday, October 8; 10:00-12:30
The last workshop of this herb series brings us to the “roots of Herbal Medicine” by digging roots and learning how to use them in a special old time health preparation to keep you healthy through winter….Fire Cider! Nature walks through the garden will give you a better understanding of the life cycle of the tame and wild herbs so students will know what to look for next spring for medicine and food.

Instructor Bio: Melissa Morrison M.H. is the practicing clinical herbalist & educator of Dragonfly Botanicals Wisdom Center, Belmont NH. From childhood on, Melissa has had training in the Medicine ways of the First Peoples, NH Folk Healer Tradition, & the Vitalist Herbal Tradition. Melissa offers herb/alternative health classes, apprenticeship, & private clinical herb health consultations. Melissa has taught alternative/herbal healing modalities around the NorthEast and Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center in VT.


$10 ($8 Members) per session                

The natural world is constantly changing. If you take the time to look, each month brings new and exciting phenomena to learn from and delight in. Using authorMary Holland’s book Naturally Curious as a month-by-month guide to the wonders unfolding in the fields, forests and wetlands of New England, each month participants will go on a leisurely hike with one of Prescott Farm’s naturalists, with the goal of cultivating their observation skills and deepening each person’s relationship with the natural world. Note: Program titles and descriptions are used with permission from Mary Holland.

SUNDAY*, March 13; 10-11:30 (Adults only); 1-2:30 (Families)
Wednesday, March 9; 1-2:30 (Homeschoolers ages 8-12)
For several centuries the British parted ways with the Gregorian calendar and declared March 25 the first day of the New Year. This makes enormous sense to most natural historians, for March is the month of “awakenings,” when the earth begins to thaw and life begins to stir after months of relative inactivity. March is synonymous with rebirth—a new beginning for all living things. *Please note: This month’s program is on a Sunday as our Maple Sugaring programs are running on Saturdays in March.

Saturday, April 16; 10-11:30 (Adults only); 1-2:30 (Families)
Wednesday, April 13; 1-2:30 (Homeschoolers ages 8-12)
In New England, April experiences a greater degree of transformation than any other month of the year. An explosion of sights and sounds takes place from beneath the forest floor to the top of the forest canopy. In 30 days the hillsides can change from snowy white to a mosaic of greenery with the arrival of newly emerged leaves. Birds and amphibians are suddenly everywhere, breaking the silence of the past winter months with their mating calls. Many trees take advantage of leafless canopies by flowering when the wind can easily disperse their pollen. Spring wildflowers, responding to the temporary sunny and warm forest floor, burst into bloom and carpet the ground. The earliest insects emerge and visit these flowers for sustenance, and there is a fury of hidden activity as the breeding and birthing of all forms of life take place.

Saturday, May 7; 10-11:30 (Adults only); 1-2:30 (Families)
Wednesday, May 11; 1-2:30 (Homeschoolers ages 8-12)
The stirrings of April intensify in May, with brighter colors, a greater variety of sounds and scents, and a rapidly increasing wildlife population contributing to the energy that spring brings to the earth. The forest floor slowly becomes shaded by the leaves of the trees above, and the earliest spring wildflowers develop seed-laden fruits. Birds stake out territories and attract mates; some, including cavity nesters, lay eggs. Trills, plunks, and snores announce the beginning of amphibian courtship rituals. Every shade of green imaginable can be found on New England hillsides. Nature announces her vitality in every way possible, overloading our senses wherever we turn.

Saturday, June 4; 10-11:30 (Adults only); 1-2:30 (Families)
June is a month full of possibilities. A walk in any habitat has the potential to reveal many forms of life. The sounds and sights of courting animals are everywhere: frogs calling, turtles performing water ballet, birds singing, mammals leaving signs, insects “dancing.” Food is beginning to be plentiful for the first time in months, with the fruit of early-flowering shrubs and trees such as dogwoods and black cherries ripening, herbaceous wetland plants providing nutrient-filled leaves and tubers, and fields full of flowers offering nectar and pollen to lure pollinators. Hatches and births are constant, from beavers and moose to stoneflies and silk moths; the air and land are filled with new life.


Reservations are required for all our programs.  For more information on any of these programs, or to place your reservations over the phone, please contact us at:

Phone: 603-366-5695
Email: [email protected]


Reservation/Cancellation Policy:

All of our programs require reservations unless otherwise noted.  When your reservation is made we ask that you provide a credit card (MC or Visa) to hold your space (your card will not be charged unless you request to pay with it that day).  On the day of the program you may choose to pay by cash, check, or by the credit card on file.   If you must cancel your reservation, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible, since we often have a waiting list.  Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the program and “no-shows” will be charged full program fees to the credit card on file.