Herbal Pathfinder Series

Herbal Pathfinder Series
Saturdays (dates below); 10:00-12:30
$35 ($33 Members)/class ($180 for all six)

Foray into the wild and tame world of herbs in this very fun educational class series.  Led by Master Herbalist Melissa Morrison of Dragonfly Botanicals, students will learn how to identify herb medicine plants of the fields & forest; how to harvest and use the herbs in preparations for pleasure and medicine.  Come to learn, come to enjoy the seasons and play with the herbs!

May 13:  May is about beginnings! The herbs poking up through the earth for discovery, giving us their wisdom for healing and food.  We will learn how to identify herb & woodland plants then move into the classroom to make teas, tissanes, and decoctions for healing and health.

June 17:  June’s herb workshop continues our exploration in learning plant identification in the gardens and forest; then we will begin learning plant medicinal/food properties for food & medicine.  In the classroom students will learn how to make herbal oils, ointments, and natural bug repellents…just in time for bug season!

July 15:  July’s herb workshop brings us into the first harvesting of herbs!  In this workshop students will learn harvesting, drying, and other preservation techniques to keep your herbs for later use. In the classroom students will learn how to create Herbal vinegars & honey to preserve their summer herb harvest.

August 19:  August’s herb workshop brings more harvest fun!  We will identify, gather, and harvest more herbs.  In class students will learn how to make a proper herb tinctures and oxymels for health and healing. Depending upon what we harvest, we may also touch on herb and fruit wine making/cordials.

September 9:  September’s herb workshop brings us cooler temperatures and with that we will scout for forage “food”.  We will learn about how trees can provide food, medicine, & many other survival necessities to get you through lean times too.

October 7:  The last workshop of this herb series brings us to the “roots of Herbal Medicine” by digging roots and learning how to use them in a special old time health preparation to keep you healthy through winter….Fire Cider! Nature walks through the garden will give you a better understanding of the life cycle of the tame and wild herbs so students will know what to look for next spring for medicine and food.