Prescott Farm is full of developments and there couldn’t be more excitement. Spring has finally decided to show itself and many fresh changes come with warmer weather. One of those endeavors has come to completion with the hiring of Asia Scudders, Prescott Farms’ new Communications and Events Director.

Asia Scudder brings over a decade of expertise in marketing alongside a strong background and passion for the natural world, adding to the mission of Prescott Farm in promoting environmental awareness and conservation in the Lakes Region and beyond.
Throughout her career, Scudder has cultivated a clear understanding of effective marketing strategies and community engagement, providing her with the skills to create meaningful connections within the community and curate events that inspire and educate individuals of all ages. Scudder has always found solace and inspiration in the natural world, from hiking through rugged mountain trails to cycling along serene pathways. Joining the team at Prescott Farm gives her a chance to make a tangible difference in the world around us and foster a positive future for our community. Scudder looks forward to collaborating with fellow nature enthusiasts, educators, and community members at Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center.

Prescott Farm has also fulfilled its empty Volunteer Coordinator role with Brett Rouleau, current Administrative and Marketing Assistant, taking over the position. He looks forward to bolstering Prescott Farms’ already strong volunteer base and opening many new opportunities for the community to engage with Prescott Farm.