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Prescott Farm is a designated wildlife viewing area open year-round to the public with over 160 acres of idyllic farmland, forest, and pastures including more than three miles of woodland, pond and field trails, Heritage Gardens, and a Natural PlayScape.

Landscape view of Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center in Winter

Samuel P. Pardoe Building

The Samuel P. Pardoe Building opened in October 2005 and provides 2,500 square feet of space for Fledglings Preschool, educational programs, office operations, and facility rental. The building is environmentally friendly, it was designed and built to be on the cutting edge of sustainable architectural practices! The siding is made with eastern white cedar, the framing is made with local spruce and hemlock, and the flooring is made with locally-milled red pine. The building was oriented to maximize daylight and reduce dependence on electric light. Northern exposure is minimized and direct southern sun is allowed during the winter, but excluded during the summer with overhangs and exterior sun shades. The heating and cooling system is a geothermal heat pump using groundwater as a heat exchanger. Domestic hot water is provided through on-demand hot water heaters. Neither oil nor gas is required to run any of the systems in the building! The roofing is made of reflective metal which reduces the cooling load in the summer. The exterior walls have been designed with modern techniques in insulation, air infiltration control, and moisture control with energy recovery ventilation (ERVs) to help ensure necessary air circulation.

The “green” building design incorporates many energy-efficient features such as:
  • Use of local building materials
  • Reuse of site materials to minimize site disturbance
  • Solar Orientation & Photovoltaics
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Energy-efficient materials
Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center Fledglings preschool classroom

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center Pardoe Building Front Entrance

The Historic 1883 Barn

In 2017 Prescott Farm manifested our commitment to preservation by restoring our 1883 barn. Over the course of 9 months the restoration team restored the original timber frame of the barn and reset the stone foundation. The team also extended the main barn floor across the open space where hay was once stored, making the barn space nearly twice as big! This new, functional space provides much needed room for our WildQuest camps, school field trips, and public programs.

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center inside barn with colonial reenactors for Harvest Festival   Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center outside barn and Pardoe home

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