Dog Policy

Just like you, everyone at Prescott Farm loves dogs! We understand why our 160 acres seems like a great place to bring your beloved Fido. Unfortunately, having dogs on site runs counter to our mission of preserving the wildlife habitat on the property. We appreciate your adherence to this policy.

From The Nature Institute (“The impacts of dogs on wildlife and water quality: A literature review”) some of the reasons for our “no dogs” policy are below.

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are considered to be a subspecies of wolves (Canis lupus), and wildlife perceive dogs as predators. Impacts include:

  • Physical and temporal displacement – The presence of dogs causes wildlife to move away, temporarily or permanently reducing the amount of available habitat in which to feed, breed and rest. Animals become less active during the day to avoid dog interactions. Furthermore, the scent of dogs repels wildlife and the effects remain after the dogs are gone.
  • Disturbance and stress response – Animals are alarmed and cease their routine activities. This increases the amount of energy they use, while simultaneously reducing their opportunities to feed. Repeated stress causes long-term impacts on wildlife including reduced reproduction and growth, suppressed immune system and increased vulnerability to disease and parasites.


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