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Our dedicated volunteers allow Prescott Farm to continue enhancing and expanding our educational programs for the Lakes Region community and beyond. Some of the projects that volunteers make possible are the Maple Sugaring, Educational Gardens, Trail Maintenance, Chicken Agriculture, Forest Management, Phenology, and so much more. Opportunities for leadership roles are available! Along with the enjoying a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie, Volunteers are invited to attend exclusive events at Prescott Farm that honor their work. Please take a few moments to view the volunteer opportunities we have available and if you are interested in becoming a part of our team, send us an email (msorensen@prescottfarm.org). Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic – June 9, 2021

With thanks to Gabby Vasquez-Billin for taking these beautiful photos! To see more, visit the Facebook Album.

Overview of Programs:

Maple Sugaring

As Spring approaches, the sugar maple trees in our sugar bush provide the perfect resource for visitors to come and learn about what it takes to make the iconic (and delicious!) maple syrup. Our Sap on Tap volunteers engage with visitors about maple sugaring and have the opportunity to gain first hand experience identifying, tapping, collecting, building, and then storing maple syrup.

Maple Sugaring Volunteer position description.

Seasonal commitment: Saturdays in February, March and April with more opportunities for collecting sap during the week.

Trail Team

Adopt-a-Trail/Trail Maintenance: If you love hard work and are handy with a pair of clippers, our trails need you! The trails get a lot of use throughout the year and we do our best to keep them well-maintained and free of any branches and debris. Year-round and seasonal opportunities. Complete position description

Nature Observation: Spending time in nature promotes physical, emotional, and mental wellness. If you are interested in spending more time outside and want to help collect information to help Prescott Farm improve our programs, please consider becoming a part of the Nature Observation Team. This team walks our trails and monitors the changes that are occurring throughout our seasons using the iNaturalist App. They are also able to take part in some wonderful opportunities that can help them gain more skills in areas such as plant identification, phenology, and nature observations. Complete position description

Forest Management: The forest surrounding Prescott Farm is one of our most valuable resources and needs to be monitored and managed in order to maintain its health. We are looking for a team of volunteers who are interested in helping us care for our forest and make sure it is available to visitors for years to come. Complete position description

Year-round opportunities available; See position descriptions for additional details.


The three gardens at Prescott Farm are integral to our mission. We are grateful to the volunteers that keep this beautiful resource available to visitors and program participants. The Heritage, Perennial, and Learning Gardens each have a different mission and a supporting team of volunteers dedicated to fostering those green spaces. Green Team volunteers gain and practice their gardening skills while having the opportunity to engage in other garden supporting projects. Like the plants they care for, volunteers have the opportunity to grow into leadership positions within The Green Team.

Complete position descriptions:
Lead Garden Volunteer Description
Garden Volunteers 

Seasonal commitment: February- November; See position descriptions for additional details.

Chicken Care

(Presently on hiatus while we maintain social distancing)

The ‘feathered friends’ on the Chicken Care team engage in caring for the day to day needs of our chickens. These birds have been a staple of farm life since people first started farming and they continue to play this role at Prescott Farm. These volunteers gain first-hand knowledge and put existing experience to work caring for our flock which are part of our educational programs. Chickens bring a unique character and color to the places they live and we are excited to offer opportunities for volunteers to become a part of this experience. Chicken Care Volunteer Position Description

Seasonal commitment: April – October; See position descriptions for additional details.

Other Opportunities

Turtle Team: The Bucky Buddies care for, support, and improve the quality of life of our three toed box turtle “Bucky”. She and her Buddies support the educational mission of Prescott Farm through teaching and sharing experiences with Bucky. Complete position description.

Fledgling Fellow: Currently on hiatus during Fledglings closure (2020-2021 school year) The Fledgling Fellows provide direct support to the fledglings staff through assisting in programs, basic childcare and preparations. Complete position description: FledglingFellows

Fledglings Preschool ClassAdministrative: Throughout the year we have various projects that require light administrative work. If folding letters and stuffing envelopes is your dream volunteer job, let us know!

Committees: If you have unique knowledge and skills that you could contribute to one of our committees, we want to talk to you!  We’re currently seeking volunteers to serve on our Property, Risk, Community Engagement Committees. Contact us to find out more!

Prescott Farm is always looking for ways to engage our community. If you have an idea of ways that you, your employer or another group can help out at the Farm, please let us know. Volunteering is a great way to get outdoors and get active.

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Volunteer Testimonials –

Outdoor Tent

“We’ve enjoyed helping during both Harvest and Winter public events almost as much as reveling in the excitement as our grandchildren share what they’ve learned and enjoyed most at the end of each day at ‘camp’ during the drive home.”
– Prescott Farm Volunteers Allan & Janice Mistler

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