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Prescott Farm is here to help you connect with nature and the world around you, from our snowshoe series and Family Fun Days to gardening and maple sugaring. A number of other hands-on experiential programs for all ages are also offered throughout the year. Let our experienced environmental educators open the doors to the outdoors for you!

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Species Spotlight
A Focus on New Hampshire Wildlife

Cost: $12/$15 Nonmembers (FREE for Members)
Physical Demand: [5]

Early Morning Birding
Sat, May 15; (5-7 am)
Birds are often awake and beginning their morning calls before the sun rises over the horizon. Get up early to watch the sunrise with the birds at Prescott Farm. Listen to their morning calls, and use binoculars to see which species you can spot. (NOTE: This is an early morning program; $15 for nonmembers)

Full Moon Hikes

Cost: $15 (Free for Members)
Recommended Ages: Adult
Physical Demand: [5]

Tuesday, April 27; 7-8:30 pm
Wednesday, May 26; 8-9:30 pm

In spring, frog calls can be loud! Learn about the fascinating creatures that make all this racket, and try your hand at frogging by ear. As the sun sets, venture onto the trails of Prescott Farm to hear the chorus of peeps, grunts, gunks of these vocal amphibians.

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Nature Up Close Series

Tiny Things Hike
Sat, May 22; 1-3 pm
Take time to enjoy the little things. Borrow a hand lens (or bring you own if you want) and head out for a leisurely wander with a naturalist. We will look between the trees and grasses to observe what is small and sometimes overlooked.
Cost: $12 (FREE for Members)

Recommended Ages: All
Physical Demand: [2]


Naturalist Led Hike Series

Explore the trails of Prescott Farm through the eyes of a naturalist. Changes occur in the forest and fields every day, so there is always something new to observe.

Naturalist Led Hike
Sat, April 24; 10-12pm
You will experience the arrival of early spring, witnessing flowers bloom and listening for the sounds of wildlife returning or stirring from their winter homes.

Recommended Ages: All
Cost: $12 (FREE for Members)

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Use the link above to register now for upcoming Naturalist Led Hikes: Sat, June 12; Sun, June 20; (Summer Solstice Sunrise Hike); Sat, August 7 (Sunrise Hike); Sat, September 25; Sat, October 23; (November date TBD); Sat, December 11.


Soapmaking Series

Recommended Ages: Adult
Physical Demand: [2]

Soapmaking 101
Saturday, April 24; 1-3 pm

Learn how to safely make your very own soap. We will cover the basics of soapmaking, and each participant will take home about 10 bars of seasonally scented soap to enjoy. Cost: $90 per station for nonmembers ($40 per station for Members)

Soapmaking 101: Shampoo Bars
Saturday, May 15; 1-3 pm

Whether you regularly use shampoo bars or are looking to green your hygiene, make lathering shampoo bars to gently and naturally clean your hair. We will review the basics of the soapmaking process. Each participant will take home about 10 bars of scented shampoo bars as well as an herbal-infused vinegar rinse. Cost: $100 per station for nonmembers ($50 per station for Members)

Build Your Own ____ Series

Saturdays in May, 10-12 pm!

Recommended Ages: Adult
Physical Demand: [4]

May 1: Build Your Own: Bird Box
Across many species, North American bird numbers are in decline. Improved access to habitat can help! Build a nesting box for your local avian visitors. COST: $45 Non-Members; $30 Members

May 8: Build Your Own: Bat Box
Did you know bats can eat up to 1,500 insects in a day? This includes mosquitos! Attract these pest-controlling mammals to your yard by building a bat box. COST: $70 Non-Members; $50 Members

May 15: Build Your Own: “Bee B&B”
Humans rely on many species of pollinators for food and flowers. Host several species of solitary bees in your own bee hotel inspired by the Prescott Farm Bee B&B. COST: $45 Non-Members; $30 Members

May 22: Build Your Own: Butterfly Habitat 
Providing fuel is the best way to encourage these colorful insects to visit your yard. We will explore which species of flowers attract butterflies and make “seed bombs” with native plants. COST: $30 Non-Members; $15 Members

May 29: Build Your Own: Compost System
What can be composted? What cannot? What is compost? We will answer all of your questions and show you several strategies for home scale composting. COST: $50 Non-Members; $30 Members

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Painting at Prescott Farm

Cost: $40 Non-Members; $25 for Members
Recommended Ages: All (mature youth welcome)
Physical Demand: [2]

Saturday, May 22; 10-12 pm

Let the beauty of nature at Prescott Farm inspire you as you create a seasonal painting. Tom Hitchcock, President of the Lakes Region Art Association, will guide you at any level of painting ability to walk away with a piece of art that you love.

Choose from pencil drawing or acrylic ink. Supplies will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own.

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