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Prescott Farm is here to help you connect with nature and the world around you, from our herbal wellness series and Farmhouse Kitchen workshops to gardening and winter snowshoe walks. A number of other hands-on experiential programs for all ages are also offered throughout the year. Let our experienced environmental educators open the doors to the outdoors for you!


Sunset Night Hikes on the Full Moon

Tuesday, April 7; 7-8:30 pm
Recommended ages: Adult
Cost: $12 (Free for Members)

Head out on the trails as the sun sets to experience dusk in the forest. Let your eyes surprise you as you adjust to the growing darkness. We will take advantage of the rising full (or almost full) moon to walk the trails and observe the transition from the crepuscular to the nocturnal world.

Recommended Ages: Adult or All (date-specific)
Physical Demand: [4 or 5]

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For Adults, Physical Demand: [5]
Thursday, May 7; 8-9 pm
Friday, June 5; 8-9:30 pm

For All, Physical Demand: [4]
Monday, July 6; 8-9:30 pm
Monday, August 3; 8-9:30 pm

Discover Nature: Big Tree Tour – Buds 
Saturday, April 18; 10-12 pm
$12 (FREE for Members)

The small ends of tree branches will soon shed their dull, scaly coats and burst open with a pop of color. Walk our trails as a faint colorful glow emerges around the trees in this spring-time offering of our Big Tree Tour. The walk will include a trip to our “Belknap County Champion Big Trees” and other huge, old trees along our trails, as well as fascinating fun facts about ecology, history and how the land has changed over the years.

Recommended Ages: 14+
Physical Demands: [5]

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Saturday, April 18; Big Tree Tour: Buds!
Saturday, October 10; Fall Foliage Trail Walks

New Series! Wilderness Survival: Knots 
Saturday, April 11; 1-3 pm
$20 ($10 for Members)

“If you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot!” Cordage has many uses, from setting up camp to rappelling down a cliff. The proper application of knots and the ability to tie them is a skill that is often overlooked by outdoor enthusiasts. Come learn a how to tie a few knots and how they can help you!

Recommended Ages: 14+ (Under 18 must be accompanied by adult)
Physical Demand: [4]

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Saturday, May 9; Knife and Saw Safety & Strategies
Saturday, September 12; Campfire Cooking
Saturday, September 26;  Overnight (Intermediate)
Saturday, October 17; Debris Shelters

Soapmaking 101
Friday, April 10 (Laundry Stain Stick); 6-8 pm
$45 ($20 for Members)

Make a natural laundry stain stick using the same process as our traditional soapmaking class. Whether you have joined us before or this is your first time making a soap, we will review the basics and learn how to use this product as-is or turn it into a laundry detergent. Each participant will take home about 10 bars.

Recommended Ages: Adult
Physical Demands: [2]

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* Saturday, May 16 (Soapmaking 101)
Saturday, September 26 (Soapmaking 101)
Saturday, November 14 (Soapmaking 101)
Friday, December 11 (Soapmaking 101)
Saturday, December 12 (Soapmaking 101)

*This session is full; click registration or call 603-366-5695 to be put on the waiting list.

New Series! Explore Together: Mud Tracking
Saturday, April 11; 10-12 pm
$12 ($5 for Members)

Mud season is here. Take a trek in the woods and search for signs of animals welcoming back the warmer weather. Our educators will help you identify animal tracks in the mud. Preserve your discoveries by making a plaster cast of an animal track.

Recommended Ages: All
Physical Demand: [4]

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Saturday, May 9; Vernal Pool Tracking
Saturday, July 25; Plant-based & Natural Dyes
Tuesday, August 18; Monarch Monitors
Saturday, December 5; Nature Based Ornaments


New Series! Adult Nature Craft: Spring – Summer

Bring the outdoors in with our nature-inspired crafting series. Seasonal projects will add natural beauty to your home.

  • Log Cabin Planters
    Saturday, April 18; 1-3 pm
    $25 ($10 for Members)
    Use wood harvested from Prescott Farm to build a rustic planter that will be ready to take home and fill. Our educator will guide you step-by-step to safely complete this hands-on project.

Recommended Ages: Adult
Physical Demand: [3]

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Note: Your planter will be uniquely yours! This is a sample of the method that will be used.

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Saturday, May 30; 1:00-3:00- Terrariums

New Series!: Green Living

What can we do to protect the environment? There are many steps we must take as a society and as individuals, but where to begin? Whether you want to make a few small changes or are striving for a “zero-waste” lifestyle, these workshops will focus on tackling specific areas. Walk away with tangible, cost-saving actions and tools to guide you to a greener life.

Clear up the confusion surrounding the simple question—which bin does this go in? We will review local recycling ordinances and have examples of common items that leave many puzzled.

Recommended Ages: 14+
Physical Demand: [2]
Experience: Interested 

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Wednesday, May 27; 6:30-7:30- In the Kitchen and Food Shopping
Wednesday, June 24; 6:30-8:00- Get Ready for Plastic-Free July
Saturday, September 12; 9:30-11:30- Backyard (and Indoor!) Composting
Wednesday, October 28; 6:30-7:30- Winterize your Home
Wednesday, November 11; 6:00-7:30- Thoughtful Holidays

Farm to Table Cooking: Fiddleheads 
Saturday, May 9; 10-12 pm
$30 ($10 for Members)

Before the ostrich fern unfurls into a long frond, enjoy one of the first spring wild edible plants. Identify and harvest edible fiddleheads, then head into the kitchen to learn how to process the plant and incorporate it onto your plate.

Recommended Ages: Adults
Physical Demands: [3]

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Saturday, June 6; Rhubarb Recipes
Saturday, July 11; Early Season Pesto
Thursday, September 3; The Garden Harvest Dinner
Saturday, November 21; Baking Bread

The Learning Garden:  Planting your Garden

Tuesday, May 19; 6-7:30 pm
Cost: $12 (Free for Members)

Description:After the last chance of frost has passed, it is time to plant the garden! Dig in as we plant and learn about the care the plants will need in their first few weeks outside. We will cover direct seeding, transplanting, companion planting, plant spacing, and pest prevention.

Recommended Ages: Adult
Physical Demand: [4]

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With thanks to our Business Partner and sponsor of The Learning Garden, Belknap Landscape Co., Inc.

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Tuesday, June 2; 6:00-7:30- Types of Tomatoes
Tuesday, July 7; 6:00-7:30- Friend or Foe? Insects in the Garden
Tuesday, August 4; 6:00-7:30- The Fall Harvest
Saturday, October 10; 9:30-11:00- Planting Garlic


New Series! Trail Tours

Our trails vary not only in length and intensity, but also in the flora, fauna, and historic landmarks you will find on the way. Our educators will guide you along the trail and reveal some of these natural features. Program topics will vary depending on season and trail.

      • Yellow Trail
        Saturday, May 30; 10-12 pm
        $12 (FREE for Members)
        Enjoy a stroll on our flattest (but not flat) trail covering about one-third of a mile. Look forward to time in the Forest Garden, where a variety of flowers will welcome you with bright colors and pleasant scents.
        Physical Demand: [4]
        Recommended ages: All   

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Saturday, August 8; 9:30-11:00- Orange Trail
Saturday, October 24; 10:00-12:00- Red Trail

New Program! NH Astronomical Society: Sky Watch*

Tuesday, November 17; 6-8 pm

Join the NH Astronomical Society in a “beginner-friendly,” enjoyable, and educational experience using a telescope to observe the night sky. Join us at 6:00 for a presentation that will precede the skywatch, and then head outside. Society members will set up their equipment and choose their celestial targets for you. All are welcome to this FREE program!

Recommended Ages: All
Physical Demand: [5]
Experience: Interested   


* Members can take advantage of our new pricing, including FREE programming – pay only for guest lecturer or materials fees in other workshops. 

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