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Explore with Us

Public Programs – WildQuest Camps – Fledglings Preschool – School Programs

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Public Programs – WildQuest Camps – Fledglings Preschool – School Programs

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Explore with Us

Public Programs – WildQuest Camps – Fledglings Preschool – School Programs

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Exploring and preserving the natural world, one adventure at a time

Community Connections Programs

Prescott Farm is dedicated to providing year-round environmental education programs for all ages and a place in the Lakes Region community that encourages curiosity, discovery, fun and connection to the natural world.

WildQuest Day Camps

Our nature-themed WildQuest Day Camps offer children ages 4-14 the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in nature through Quests, arts & crafts, games and activities.

Get Involved

As a non-profit organization, Prescott Farm depends on donors, community business partners, members, volunteers and guests to help us carry out our mission to provide the New Hampshire Lakes Region with high-quality environmental education.

Fledglings Preschool

Fledglings Nature-Based Preschool at Prescott Farm is a fully licensed program offering children ages 3 – 5 the educational foundation they need to succeed in school while awakening in each child a natural curiosity and respect for nature.

Plan a Visit

Unplug, relax and explore our 160 acres of field, forest and gardens on our 3+ miles of nature trails and Natural Playscape, open 365 days per year from dawn until dusk.

For Schools

Our environmental educators will work with you to give your students an unforgettable experience in the natural world, at your school or here at the Farm.

News & Upcoming Events

Our Big Backyard Series – Summer

Our Big Backyard Series [FAMILIES]
$8/person (FREE for Members) Adult must accompany child.

There is always something exciting to see on our treks around Prescott Farm! Age 7+ with an adult. Light activity.

Pollinator Power Saturday, July 27; 10-11:30 am
Pollinators are amazing! Come learn more about the insects, birds, and other critters who are essential to our food system!

Plants to Plates – Saturday, August 17; 10-11:30 am
Join us to sample delicious edibles in the garden as well as wild foods from the forest and field.

Amazing Mushrooms – Saturday, Sept. 21; 10-11:30 am
We’ll go on a mushroom hunt and find as many interesting varieties as we can while we learn about their important role in our ecosystem.

Summer Polliwogs

Summer Polliwogs Program – for families with kids ages 2½ – 5
$6/person (FREE for Members!) Min. 1 adult & child per party (adult must accompany child)

Signs of Summer – Wednesday, July 10; 10:30-12:00
The forest and fields are alive with buzzing, chirping, and crunching. In our first Polliwogs meeting of the summer, we will see, smell, touch, and listen for signs of the season.

Life on the Farm – Wednesday, July 17; 10:30-12:00
Imagine life at Prescott Farm when this land was still a farm. What animals lived here? What equipment did farmers use? Through games and crafts we will journey back in time.

Insect Investigation – Wednesday, July 24; 10:30-12:00
It is no secret that bugs abound in summer. We spend a lot of time swatting them away, but these tiny critters play a big role in nature. From butterflies to ants and caterpillars to beetles, join us to explore buggy superpowers.

Dusk Defenders – Wednesdays, July 31; 10:30-12:00
Nature is all about balance. As the sun goes down, bats emerge overhead as insect eating machines. These flying mammals eat about half of their weight in insects each night! We will explore how bats accomplish this amazing feat.

Monarchs and Milkweed – Wednesday, August 7; 10:30-12:00
Monarch butterflies have completed their long journey from Mexico. We will find evidence that they are back by investigating the Monarch’s favorite plant— milkweed— for eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalises. We might even glimpse this beautiful butterfly!

The Learning Garden – Wednesday, August 14; 10:30-12:00
Explore the colors of the Learning Garden, and then get ready to eat the rainbow! We will harvest, taste, and prepare a few simple recipes fresh from the garden.

To register for Polliwogs, click HERE.

July 2019

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  • Garden Days of Summer
  • Garden Days of Summer
  • Summer Polliwogs Series (6 weeks) [FAMILIES]
  • Garden Days of Summer
  • Soapmaking 101 [ADULTS]
  • Wood Walkers: Trail Maintenance [SERVICE LEARNING - ADULTS]
  • Herbal First Aid Kits [ADULTS]
  • Summer Polliwogs Series (6 weeks) [FAMILIES]
  • Garden Days of Summer
  • Garden Days of Summer
  • Trail Yoga [ADULTS]
  • The Wild Foods of Summer [ADULTS]
  • Summer Polliwogs Series (6 weeks) [FAMILIES]
  • Garden Days of Summer
  • Garden Days of Summer
  • Our Big Backyard Series: Pollinator Power! [FAMILIES]
  • Summer Polliwogs Series (6 weeks) [FAMILIES]
  • Garden Days of Summer
What they say about us

The traditional farm skills and wildlife habitat lessons taught and demonstrated in a natural environment by the staff nurtures and stimulates involvement by the children beyond anything they might experience elsewhere. It’s just rewarding to be involved, though even in such a small way, when you can see the results first hand.

The past few years as volunteers at Prescott Farm, Janice and I have been enriched with the opportunity to introduce youngsters to a dairy goat while experiencing the wonder and curiosity of the children as many meet face to face with their first farm animal.

We’ve enjoyed helping during both Harvest and Winter public events almost as much as reveling in the excitement as our grandchildren share what they’ve learned and enjoyed most at the end of each day at ‘camp’ during the drive home.

Prescott Farm's Natural Playscape

Prescott Farm Volunteers Allan & Janice Mistler

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