Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center on White Oaks Rd in Laconia invites you to experience the changing seasons at two upcoming programs – Season of Light: DIY Lantern Workshop & Winter Solstice Celebration. Both family programs occur consecutively on December 8 & 15, respectively.

Season of Light: DIY Lantern Workshop is an event offered in preparation to the Winter Solstice Celebration. The program will help participants create their very own lanterns to join in our lantern parade the following week. They may choose from a variety of lanterns including, tin can lanterns that mimic the look of a traditional punched tin lantern or something more colorful made from translucent tissue paper and other upcycled materials. Families are encouraged to pre-register online before the event. This event is unique because it is offered twice, at 10am and again at 1 pm!

After your lantern is built, get ready to showcase it at the Winter Solstice Celebration! The winter solstice celebrates the shortest day of the year, and this celebration is packed full of activities to welcome back the lights. Events include easy sledding (if there is snow!), warm beverages around a bonfire and a lantern parade. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lanterns, especially if they attended Season Light: DIY Lantern Workshop.