A still, winter night. The bright full moon reflects off of a white, snow-covered pasture. Snowshoe-clad, an inquisitive group treks along, enjoying the exhilaration and beauty of winter in New Hampshire. Suddenly, an unexpected guest swoops overhead seeking dinner or maybe a mate!

An encounter with a barred owl is not guaranteed at Prescott Farm’s upcoming Full Moon Snowshoe Walk, but that’s just what happened during January’s program! On Tuesday, February 19th from 6 – 7:30 p.m., Environmental Educator and Naturalist Andie Hession will guide participants as they learn to identify several constellations in the night sky, practice night vision abilities, and discuss – and possibly witness – the habits of nocturnal animals.

Registration for the Full Moon Snowshoe Walk is $15 per person (non-members) and free for upgraded Prescott Farm members. For more information and to register go to prescottfarm.org or call 603-366-5695.