Springtime Blossoms at Prescott Farm

Don’t let your current social distancing transform into distancing from nature. As residents of the Lakes Region separate into their homes in order to reduce the spread and impact of the Coronavirus, Prescott Farm reminds you that Spring is not cancelled.

In fact, nature is a terrific ally in the maintenance of mental and physical health. Prescott Farm can be part of that nature connection, even during times of social distancing. Located on 928 White Oaks Rd in Laconia, the property is a free resource open to the public from dawn-to-dusk every day.

Visitors can choose their own pace as they find an abundance of natural sights on the well-marked trails. Starting at the parking lot and winding gradually into the woods, the trails cover much of the 160-acre property. Several different ecosystems, from meadows and vernal pools to thick hardwood lots down by the Maple Sugar Shack, offer a perfect way to glimpse the early signs of spring as they emerge.

Although the Pardoe Building is closed to visitors at this time, families are still invited to enjoy the PlayScape – a source of endless entertainment for playful souls of all ages. Slides, stick-built-hideaways, outdoor play kitchen, nature’s natural musical instruments, and other various tools of discovery will engage imaginations – and burn off some stay-inside-all-day energy!  A post-play session hand wash is a great idea, of course.

Prescott Farm has taken precautions to help eliminate the spread of COVID-19 while also remaining a community resource for connections to nature. While the doors of the building may be locked at this time, the doors to nature remain open. All are encouraged to come and enjoy nature – and keep eyes and ears open for the return of regular programming!