Scope, quality, and capacity of educational programs will increase

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center is pleased to welcome Alex Dyer as an Environmental Educator. Dyer will serve as an instructor in local classrooms and at various programs at Prescott Farm’s White Oaks Road site.

Born and raised in Maine, Dyer received her B.S. in Biology from the University of Maine and moved to New Hampshire, where she was a Naturalist for the New Hampshire Audubon. She is currently pursuing an M.S. in Sustainable Natural Resource Management through the distance learning program at Unity College in Maine.

“Alex’s educational background combined with her engaging instructional style make her a wonderful addition to our education staff,” School and Community Programs Director, Andie Hession, said. “With her on our team, we have already been able to expand the opportunities we offer community members of all ages to learn about and appreciate the natural world.”

Dyer will spend her work days in local schools as a Naturalist in the Classroom as well as at Prescott Farm as an instructor for field trips and Community Connections programs. During the summer, she will lead campers and LITs in Prescott Farm’s nine week WildQuest Day Camp.

Naturalist in the Classroom – Prescott Farm’s Naturalist in the Classroom program grew out from the Community-based School Environmental Education (Co-SEEd) project with the aim of building an ecologically literate citizenry. What makes this approach unique is the network of school systems engaged in exploring local ecosystems and environmental issues through community involvement. With an average of two days per week devoted to school engagement, naturalists foster development in after-school programs and outdoor learning spaces. Field trips offer seasonally-influenced learning strategies and techniques.

Community Connections Programs – The Community Connections programs at Prescott Farm are hands-on education opportunities for community members to make meaningful connections to nature & wildlife, food & gardening and NH crafts & customs. Each season offers a uniquely tailored repertoire of both family and adult programs.

WildQuest Camps – WildQuest Camps are environmentally-focused vacation camps for children ages 4-14. Offered during the NH school vacation weeks in winter, spring and summer, WildQuest gives the opportunity to explore, learn and grow ecological awareness in nature. Summer camps offer 13-14 year-olds to develop critical team building and leadership skills through the Leader in Training (LIT) program.