Big Tree Tour of Prescott Farm will highlight ecology, history of the land

Bigger isn’t always better, but let’s face it – bigger is definitely noteworthy. And while the staff members at Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center love all of the trees on the 160-acre property, they are particularly excited about one specific birch tree.

The Betula papyrifera (Paper Birch) of note stands 83 feet tall with a circumference of 59 inches. These impressive stats were gathered by volunteers with the New Hampshire Register of Big Trees and mark the tree as the largest reported specimen of its species growing in Belknap County.

The New Hampshire Register of Big Trees issued a certificate of appreciation to Prescott Farm in June 2018. With that honor and the importance of stewarding all of the flora and fauna on the property in mind, Prescott Farm is pleased to present “The Big Tree Tour” on Saturday, September 7 from 1-2pm.

Visitors will be led by Prescott Farm Environmental Educator Alex Dyer on an hour-long tour featuring the newly crowned birch and other huge, old trees along the trails.

“These trees are quite magnificent to behold,” Dyer said. “But even more fascinating is what they have ‘seen’ over the course of their lives. Guests will definitely want to be ready to take pictures!” Another Champion Big Tree, a 70-foot tall Black Walnut, will be a featured stop and talking point.

The tour will cover approximately one mile over the trails and fields so sturdy footwear is recommended. Dyer will lead a discussion about trees, ecology, history and how the land has changed over the years.

For more information or to register for “The Big Tree Tour” visit or call 603-366-5695.