The forecast calls for multiple acute cases of February Vacation “blahs” in 2021. But Prescott Farm is pleased to offer the perfect antidote – “Winter Break Outdoor Explorers”.

Prescott Farm traditionally hosts WildQuest Winter Day Camp which coincides with New Hampshire February Vacation. The Leadership team knew that the realities and risks associated with COVID-19 made a full day camp experience unrealistic for 2021. The solution? A close-to-home, cost-effective, fun series of 2-hour programs to encourage everyone to outside.

Jude Hamel, Executive Director, is especially pleased that Prescott Farm can accommodate the February Break calendar of neighboring school districts.

“Each year we hear from parents and grandparents whose youngsters have February vacation a week ahead of WildQuest Camp. They are looking for programs available during their vacation,” she said. “Until this year that just wasn’t feasible. We are hoping that the “Winter Break Outdoor Explorers” series is another unexpected ‘pandemic silver lining’.”

Led by Camp Director, Jake Newcomb, the education staff selected some of WildQuest winter campers’ favorite activities and adapted them for vacationing families. There is something new to explore every day from 10 am until noon:

Mondays (February 15 & 22) Shelters: Stuck in the woods with a storm on the way? Use what is around you to build a warm shelter with guidance from Prescott Farm educators.  

Tuesdays (February 16 & 23) Tracking: Unlock the mystery of clues left behind in the snow. Who was here? Where did they go? Become an animal track detective through a whole bunch of silly fun!

Wednesdays (February 17 & 24) Snow Science: Prescott Farm is your laboratory as we discover that there is more to snow than sledding and snowballs. In the event of a melt, we will conduct other cool experiments (pun intended!).

Thursdays (February 18 & 25) Winter Art: Celebrate the beauty of winter with outdoors arts and crafts.

Fridays (February 19 & 26) Snow-lympics: The snowball roll! The sledding hill sluice! Participate in a variety of fun games and challenges. In the event of a melt, we will substitute the activities.

 “It’s a great way to kick off a vacation day and get everyone in the family active and enjoying time with each other,” Newcomb explains. “And the great news is that the activities we have planned can inspire winter fun for the rest of the season and for years to come!

Guests are reminded to wear boots and dress appropriately for the weather. COVID protocols, including attendee limits, will be strictly enforced. Early registration is strongly recommended.

For more information or to register visit