Antique Barn Restoration and Environmental Stewardship Inspire Blackman’s Interest

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Ian Blackman to the Board of Directors. Blackman, a resident of Chichester, officially joined the board in October 2021. 

Blackman is owner and operator of Ian Blackman LLC which specializes in the restoration and preservation of historic barns and houses from the foundation to the roof. Ian’s interest in Prescott Farm was sparked in 2014 when he oversaw the restoration of Prescott Farm’s beautiful and historic “1883 Barn”.

In addition to a BS in Vocational Education from Keene State College, Ian is a graduate of North Bennett Street School in Boston, a school for traditional trades and craft traditions.  He has previously served on the school board and conservation commission in Chichester. Since 2011, Ian has been a director of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.

Ian is drawn to board membership because he is a strong proponent of nature-based learning as a way of tackling challenging environmental problems. “It is hard to develop a care for something you don’t have an intimate experience of,” Blackman said. “Programs like those offered at Prescott Farm are the initial step in developing that love for the natural world at a young age.”

Ian will serve as the Chair of the Education Committee at Prescott Farm.

Interested community members are invited to contact Prescott Farm about other leadership roles available in areas of Community Engagement, Education, Risk Management and Property. Please call 603-366-5695 or