A picture is worth a thousand words – so a comparison picture must be worth… a lot more than that!

January 2021
January 2023

The Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center team is delighted to be closing in on the completion of a major construction project and property upgrade. Of course there’s always plenty happening at the nonprofit, but over the last 9 months, the activity on White Oaks Road property has been especially notable. 

Program guests, volunteers, families of campers and preschoolers, and members of the community just passing by have generally had the same reaction when seeing the progress, which can be summed up in one syllable: WOW!

Since the ground breaking in April 2022, the site has seen a major transformation and improvement in education facilities and property elements that will help the nonprofit expand the scope and outreach of its mission – connecting the community to the natural world. 

The building project has several major components: an Innovation Center, a rebuild of the “ell” which connects the farmhouse to the 1883 barn, improvement of parking areas, and expansion and upgrade of solar arrays, improved walkways, drainage, lighting…. And so much more! 

Stay tuned to Prescott Farm’s social media where we will announce an official grand opening celebration and other opportunities to take a peek at these amazing, upgraded spaces!

January 2023: Drone image courtesy of Frank Allen
Innovation Center Interior

“May your search through nature lead you to yourself.” Anon.