Laconia – It’s just before 11:30 am on Saturday, September 29th, when two trail hikers come into Prescott Farm’s Pardoe building looking for the restrooms after exploring our 160 acres of Conservation Land. The two out-of-state hikers entered the building with wide eyed expressions as they discovered more than just restrooms. Upon entering, they muted their astonishment to whispers so as not to interrupt the “Herbal Oil, Salves, and Ointment” program which was well underway in the Fledglings Preschool room. “Wow, I had no idea there were programs too!” one of them remarked. 

Sometimes it’s not only the out-of-staters that are surprised at what goes on at Prescott Farm. Laconia local, Brian Colp and his daughter Stella had this to say upon discovering Prescott Farm later that afternoon, “What an amazing place. There was something new to discover around every corner. After just an hour of exploring, Stella and I realized there wasn’t enough time left in our day to enjoy this property to the fullest! We will be back!” 

Scenes like these unfold almost weekly, as more and more people become first-time visitors and explorers of the Environmental Education Center. Prescott Farm’s focus on public programs helps show a growing number of people what goes on there. The programs ranges in variety from composting & gardening, exploring herbal medicine & crafts, farmhouse kitchen classes, Maple sugaring, and so much more – there are programs for all types of curiosities and interests. Though there are many varying types of programs, the goal is generally the same – help make meaningful connections to nature, food, gardening, crafts and other New Hampshire customs.