Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center on White Oaks Road in Laconia welcomes all curious adults and children 7-10 year-olds for the Fall “Our Big Backyard” series, a series of programs covering topics related to the seasons and geared towards getting outside to discover new things in the natural world. With the company of an adult, these programs encourage children to spend Saturday mornings taking part in outdoor activities such as collecting colorful palates of fall leaves, turning over logs to look for creepy-crawlies, finding out how local animals prepare for the winter and remembering how much fun it is to be outside!

As an ongoing series of seasonal activities, the “Our Big Backyard” series focuses each program on topics relevant to the current season. With support from Kennell Orthodontics, “Our Big Backyard” offers five programs occurring each weekend this fall between October 13th and November 10th. Discover more about topics connected to fall in New Hampshire right in your own big backyard – Laconia!

Prescott Farm’s Education Program Director, Sarah Dunham-Miliotis says, “Our Big Backyard Series is a great opportunity for families to explore the outdoors together. These seasonal programs allow them to explore things they may have never thought to before!” Come join Prescott Farm this Fall for some amazing programs for the adventurous 7-10 year olds accompanied by an adult!

The Fall 2018 programs start on Saturday, October 13th with the Fall Foliage Walk. This nature walk with one of Prescott Farm’s environmental educators will highlight the beauty of the changing leaves and the reasons why they change color each year. On October 20th, Our 8-Legged Friends – Spiders, will focus on learning about some misunderstood, yet very important members of our ecosystem. As we get closer to Halloween, kids can expect to learn about the important role of bats in New Hampshire. On October 27th Beautiful Bats will include fun games, how to make a bat box and more. The two programs happening in November are Turkey Quest, where participants will learn all about New Hampshire’s largest bird and Get Ready for Winter during which participants will observe what animals do when they prepare for Winter!