Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center hosts New Hampshire Mushroom Company’s “Wild Mushroom Walk” Saturday, October 6 from 10am to 12pm. This marks the third and final visit of the year from our friends at NHMC. Eric Milligan and Steffani Adaska of NHMC prepare a fun and informative event for curious fungi enthusiasts of all skill levels. This is a beginner level program aimed at equipping guests with basic fungi information, but participants can also expect Eric to comically delve into the advanced scientific wonders of mycelium through personal anecdotes and company experience. Whether you are a seasoned expert who experiments in the kitchen with wild fungi foraged in the field, a basement inoculator looking to expand your collection of plastic tub mushroom farms, or a curious mycophile eager to learn more about the mysteriousness of mushrooms, Eric and Steffani are your guides to all things mushrooms!

The program is entirely outdoors – Eric and Steffani lead program participants through the forests of Prescott Farm, so proper hiking boots are strongly encouraged, and, as we drift farther and farther from summer, a warm jacket too! This program is geared towards introducing participants to the fascinating world of fungi by broadly scratching the surface. New Hampshire Mushroom Company also offers more advanced programs for individuals who have already attended a beginner mushroom walk either at Prescott Farm or elsewhere. Once summer 2019 rolls around, they will be back with more beginner programs and then an advanced one too! “Wild Mushroom Walks” encourages online pre-registration but also welcomes walk-ins.